The F***-it List

  1. Go to a drive-in movie
  2. Inspire someone to be the best person they can be
  3. Get a photo with a D-list celebrity
  4. Figure out what the hell Lost was about
  5. Start a food fight
  6. Invite a stranger to my wedding
  7. Save someone’s life
  8. Have a drink with a homeless person
  9. Witness a total solar eclipse
  10. Cut the ribbon at a ribbon cutting ceremony
  11. Survive a midlife crisis
  12. High-five Steve Harvey
  13. Send a message in a bottle
  14. Watch the ball drop in Time Square
  15. Float in zero gravity
  16. Get white girl wasted off of a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine
  17. Attend Coachella
  18. Teach someone how to Dougie
  19. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  20. Rescue an animal
  21. Tell Mrs. Kodiak that I’m still slightly offended that she hit me in the head with her elbow on the first day of 3rd grade and has yet to apologize for it
  22. Go skydiving (cliché, YOLO)
  23. Attend the Sundance Film Festival
  24. Photobomb someone’s wedding photo
  25. Go white water rafting
  26. Meet my birth dad
  27. Hitchhike across America
  28. Try an exotic food I can’t pronounce
  29. Buy a pet pig and name him Kevin Bacon
  30. Give back to the community
  31. Have someone “HO’ MUH WEAVE!”
  32. Ruin a flash mob
  33. Eat fried green tomatoes
  34. Attend a drag show (or perform in one…I’ve been mistaken for a man more times than I can even remember)
  35. Be an extra in a painfully low-budget film
  36. Decide if I believe in life after love
  37. Learn how to meditate
  38. Complete a Color Run
  39. Get a star on Hollywood Boulevard
  40. Befriend a hippie
  41. See the Northern Lights
  42. Treat a Walmart greeter to dinner
  43. Build my dream home
  44. Design a fashion line
  45. Recreate a scene from The Hangover
  46. Try every item from an all you can eat buffet
  47. Go on an African safari
  48. Crowd surf like a crazy mo-fo
  49. DJ at a club
  50. Road trip across America in an ice cream truck
  51. Fly in a hot air balloon
  52. Complete someone else’s bucket list (probably not the best idea)
  53. Draw my own tattoo (probably not the best idea either…)
  54. Sleep under the stars
  55. Drop a cat from a high place just to see if it lands on all fours
  56. Visit all seven continents
  57. Conquer my biggest fears
  58. Get over my hate for odd numbers
  59. Change the world


The bucket list I made in grade school dated 7/24/05

  1. Get pretty
  2. Get famous like Beyoncé

So, there’s that…

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