Morning Horoscopes

I find it kind of ironic that my sign is Libra.


Real original.

With heavy feet and 6 a.m. under eye bags, I found myself standing on the bathroom scale this morning. Again. First with clothes then, none.

Risqué, I know.

As I stood there, bare, with dewy morning air brushing up against my goosebumped skin and sleep collecting in the corners of my eyes, all I could think about was how this time, last year, I wished to crumble. I felt the cold metal greet my feet and all I could remember was how this time, last year, I wished to empty.

I looked in the mirror beside me and watched my stomach swell and sink for longer than I wanted to. I don’t like that- watching what I could’ve been in my exhales fall to what I am in my inhales. Did you know that the average human spends up to five days out of the year looking in a mirror? I read that somewhere before. Before I liked reading. Before it mattered. Before it became relevant.

120 hours,

7,200 minutes,

and a gazillion seconds wasted on bullshit.

This is why I’m not a morning person.

But, then again, it’s easier to undo expectations when I’m half-awake.


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