I like how I get the morning paper in oversized flannels.
I like that I take time.
I like that I
Check for leftover crusties on my oatmeal spoons.
I like that my dreams are bigger than you will ever be.

I like how my heart beat boxes when I’m put on the spot.
I like how my pinky toe has always been a rebel.
I like that I let you take pieces of me should you ever need the comfort.
I like how I can, forever, write free verses in your beloved name.

I like how I pace old hardwood floors.
I like that your words will, forever, wrestle inside me.
I like that you send me late Push Notifications.
I like how I forgave us long before I knew we were going downhill.

I like how I cry when I say goodbyes.
I like how you understand.
I like how I believed you when you said that, together, we would be incredible.
I like how, now, I see.

What happened to magnificence?
What happened to infinity?
I marvel at the way you drained me without any intention of filling anything in particular.

Without any intention of saving a life.


2 thoughts on “6:07

  1. Stunning. This is a love poem to your eating disorder – right? – but that doesn’t become apparent until the last stanza, when suddenly it’s obvious and I have to go back and re-read every line now knowing the secret behind the words. Beautiful!

    • YES! I’m glad you could see that! But one thing I tried to do while writing this poem was make it relatable: universal. I think everyone, at one point or another, struggles with loving things that destroy them. In my particular case, it’s my ED. However, the “ED” in this poem can be anything. It’s up to the reader to identify their own “ED”…
      Thank you so much for your sweet words!!:)

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