A Random(?) Thought

I’m a lesbian.

Well, not really.

After waking up this morning at approximately “way too early, I hate everyone” o’clock, I came to the sudden, much needed, not so much appreciated realization that the world probably thinks that I am a lesbian.

The sad part?

I can’t even argue it.

I own a fair amount of cut-offs, I have upper lip hair in certain (all) lighting, most days of the month, I am a hardcore man hater, and, I can admit, I’ve listened to the Indigo Girls a few times in my early, pre-pubescent days.

The only time I’ve ever had a boyfriend was in the fifth grade. Was it love? No. Did I pay him in cupcakes and desperation to be my boyfriend? Maybe.

Fuck it.

Call it Newton’s Law, call it the Big Bang- by nature, I should be a lesbian.


5 thoughts on “A Random(?) Thought

  1. There are heterosexual people, homosexual people, and Asexual people. Imagine a triangle, each of us is on one OR MORE of these lines. I think I’m 97% hetero, the rest other.
    Be true to your feeling, not what it seems others want you to feel.
    Another part of the journey call living.

  2. I agree with ya! TO MAKE THIS CLEAR, I am not a lesbian…this post is just saying that sometimes I feel like I look that way to others. And I’m completely chill with that.

  3. WHAT!!!??????!!!!! I thought that we were LOVERS forever. Whatever! You’re dead to me now!!! :):):):) ummmmmmmmmm-hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

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